Our mission at VIDGAS is to provide our pharmaceutical, Bio pharma, Agrochemical, Food and Fine chemical customers with the highest quality SFC and HPLC purification and isolation solutions that market has to offer. With our 25 years of HPLC experience, we are able to provide variety of products with custom tailored answers for even most difficult separations. Our team of professional Chromatographers is available to assist in HPLC and SFC methods development solutions. Here at VIDGAS we are constantly innovating and pursuing the limits of HPLC and SFC.


• Custom synthesis of unique molecules

• Complex multi step organic synthesis methods


• Custom synthesis

• Contract research & Process development

• Analytical services


• Flash Chromatography
• CHN Analyzer


• PhD Qualified Chemists & Analysts

• Wealth of experience in Synthetic and Organic Synthesis

• Diverse range of High Purity Organic Compounds

About Promoters

G. Sudarshan Reddy, CEO

Born in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Sudarsana Reddy completed his early education locally and moved to Hyderabad to complete his M.Sc Tech in pharmaceutical chemistry from Birla Institute of Technology. He has over 25 years of rich experience in pharmaceutical industry, and specializes in analytical Method development, Chiral Purifications and Impurity isolation. In 1987 he started his career at Dr Reddy’s as an analytical chemist and spent around 17 years with progressively increasing responsibility.

At Reddy’s he was involved in developing analytical methods (HPLC & GC) for active pharmaceutical entities (API’S) and key intermediates. He has several publications in the field of impurity isolation and characterization. Subsequently he associated with GVKBIO, AVRA LABORATORIES and his last assignment was with Sai Life Sciences.

Dr. Vinod Hegde, Co-Founder

Dr. Vinod Hegde completed his M.Sc. from Karnataka University, and worked briefly at CIBA-GEIGY Research center in Mumbai, and then left for the USA to complete his doctoral degree at Stevens Institute of Technology.

In 1985, he started his career as a natural product chemist at Schering-Plow Research Institute and assumed increasing responsibilities. In early 2000, he moved to process development helping process chemistry in analytical issues, impurity management, and separations. He was also involved in resolving the FDA consent decree issues and managed impurity isolation and characterization for all departments including Discovery and consumer products.

In 2012 he joined SAI Life Science in Hyderabad (India) as Vice President/Consultant for Analytical Research & Development. At SAI, he consolidated two analytical groups, designed a new AR&D facility, increase deficiency, and modernized it to meet western standards.

Dr. Hegde has extensive knowledge in all aspects of analytical chemistry and is proficient in FDA, and ICH EMEA guidelines. He has discovered over 100 new natural products active in several therapies are over andhaspublishedover75publicationsinprestigiousjournals them. He is the author of 11 patents and has written chapters in scientific books. He collaborates with many academic labs in the US as well as China, Russia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and India. He also holds an MBA from Rutgers University.

M. Subba Reddy B.E, Director

An Engineer by profession, Sri Subba Reddy has worked in various organizations in the private sector. A stint in the U.S.A. in the Information Technology sector has broadened his perspective. He is the man responsible for the entire civil construction of the KENNEDY HIGH the global school project and is the Director, incharge of day to day functions at the KENNEDY HIGH the global school assisting the Chairman in all the administrative, managerial and financial matters.

Dr.Duvvuri Subramanyam, Scientific Advisor

Dr Duvvuri Subrahmanyam (shortly known as DS) has done his PhD from University of Hyderabad in 1989 in Synthetic Organic Chemistry with Prof. Goverdhan Mehta. Then he moved to US for his Post Doc fellow in Michigan State University and University of Pennsylvania for 4years from 1989 to 1993.

He Joined Dr Reddy’s Research Foundation (DRF) as Sr.Scientist in Medicinal chemistry Division in Feb 1993. He became Principal Scientist in the year of 1995 and then Associate Director in the year of 1999 before he left DRF in the year 2000. He worked in anti-cancer research area using natural products like 10—DAB, 14-DAB (related to taxol and taxotere),20(S)-Camptothecin, Podophyllotoxin, tryptanthrinetc, to make semi-synthetic analogs. He also worked in anti-infective research area and developed novel Oxazolidine analogs.